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South County Outlaws Welcome Back Coach Alan Gharib As The Director of Player and Coach Development!

The South County Outlaws baseball program's goal is to develop boys and girls into better baseball players while making each player more responsible, independent, and self-confident.

The long-term goal of the South County Outlaws is to provide our players a program to help develop the necessary skill sets required to make their Middle School (if applicable) and High School baseball teams.



Every Outlaw player must show, at all times, a great positive attitude.  This above all else is most important and must be shown at all times.  Whatever the case may be, being able to bounce back from adversity shows great character and will help whatever team you are on.


Every Outlaw must be able to take direction.  Being able to learn something every day will make you better in every aspect of life, including baseball.

Baseball Knowledge

Along with being able to take direction, every player needs to absorb this knowledge.  Knowing what is going on around you at all times will make you and your team great.

Team Player

It is very hard sometimes not to be a coach when you believe you have all the talent in the world.  Team Players stand out when they work hard and help those around them.  When a teammate strikes out or makes a bad throw only the Team Player will pick them back up and help them move on.  Never will a Team Player criticize another player when they’re down.

Work Ethic

Sometimes you have to ask yourself about your work ethic.  Am I the first on the field and the last to leave?  Am I practicing at home?  Am I focused and paying attention during practice?  Just like in life, only the best show when the hard work is done.


Only after the above is accomplished can you strive to be:

Better            Faster             Stronger

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Spring Season Games Start